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Each year a member facility hosts the Annual Conference and General Assembly. The Annual Conference brings together members to consider key industry issues and hear from top professionals in a variety of related fields. The General Assembly is the business session where AIPC executive and staff provide reports and outline the program of activity for the organization.

The 2017 Annual Conference and 59th General Assembly will be held in Sydney, Australia 

The 2016 Annual Conference and 58th General Assembly will be held in Nantes, France, July 3-6

The 2015 Annual Conference and 57th General Assembly was held in Boston, USA, July 5-8
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The 2014 Annual Conference and 56th General Assembly will be held in Berlin, Germany, June 29 - July 2
View the Conference Program - View the Annual Conference presentations

2013 Annual Conference and 55th General Assembly: Cape Town, South Africa, June 30-July 3
View the Conference Program - View the Annual Conference presentations  

2012 Annual Conference and 54th General Assembly: Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 1-4

2011 Annual Conference and 53rd General Assembly: San Diego, USA, June 28-July 1
2010 Annual Conference and 52nd General Assembly: Liverpool, UK, July 3-7

2009 Annual Conference and 51st General Assembly: A Coruna, Spain, July 4-8

2008 Annual Conference and 50th General Assembly: Singapore, June 28-July 2

2007 Annual Conference and 49th General Assembly: Graz, Austria, July 15-18

2006 Annual Conference and 48th General Assembly: Montpellier, France, July 16-19

2005 Annual Conference and 47th General Assembly: Qu├ębec, Canada, July 20-23

2004 Annual Conference and 46th General Assembly:  Edinburgh, UK, July 31-August 4

2003 Annual Conference and 45th General Assembly: Mannheim, Germany, July 5-9

2002 Annual Conference and 44th General Assembly: Tenerife, Spain, June 30-July 3 

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