An Important Announcement - AIPC Sales and Marketing Summit

AIPC Sales and Marketing Summit at IMEX

As you will likely have heard, IMEX has cancelled its Frankfurt event this year in the face of growing restrictions in Germany (as in many other countries) associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. This will in turn impact a number of associated events that utilized IMEX as a gathering place for the industry.

One of these is the AIPC Sales and Marketing Summit, which has been traditionally been held immediately before IMEX and was scheduled this year for May 10. We regret that we must for the first time in 14 years postpone this event in favor of an alternative that will be developed in the next few weeks.

Needless to say discussions and strategies over COVID-19 impacts, particularly on venue utilization and marketing, are more important than ever, and we are working to replace any cancelled events with more accessible alternatives.

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